Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan

SwarnaLatha Ravi is the director – Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan, a renowned restaurant with rich legacy that has redefined the vegetarian dining experience Landscape .

Her inspiration can be traced back to her family business which ran a successful chain of restaurants.

Born into a family with a rich culinary heritage, Swarna’s journey in the food industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Her seamless transition from a housewife to collaboration with her husband, M. Ravi, whotogether pioneered the central kitchen concept, introduced new menus to suit market demands and evolving culinary trends  expanded the brand, and ventured into international markets, has been instrumental in the success of the brand.

They together have 2 sons – Vasanth Ravi an accomplished path breaking movie artist and Anand Ravi an alumni from the prestigious ……….Switzerland who is now

In charge of business development and identifying new opportunities for the brand.

SwarnaLatha Ravi’s journey is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and unwavering support for her husband’s pioneering spirit. Together, they have not only redefined the vegetarian culinary landscape but also set an inspiring example for couples aspiring to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams as a team.

During her free time, SwarnaLatha loves to travel to new places, spends time with her family and devotes her time to spiritual pursuits