Sanandan Sudhir

Founder & CTO,
On2Cook India

On2Cook is the brainchild of Sanandan Sudhir (Sandy) the Founder & President of On2Cook India. This Patented, Smart, Fastest Cooking Device on this Planet – ON2Cook ( that has received the very prestigious iF Design Award, International Design Award (IDA), European Product Design Award, Design Intelligence Award (DIA) & the Diamond International Invention of the Year Award at British Invention Show.

Winner of several Industrial Design, Engineering & Management Awards and with more than 2 decades of Design Excellence and Leadership experience, Sanandan Sudhir (Sandy) is an Engineer and an alumni of the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. He is a true thought leader with a passion to create end to end products focused on IP strategy. An Inventor at heart, he has 32 Global Patents (Granted) & more than 60 Applied For.

Sandy is currently focused on bringing this product to the market and oversees the Product Design, Development & Manufacturing including the future Product & IP Strategy.