Director- Roxie, Handcrafted Restaurants Pvt Ltd;
Ex-Director – Byg Brewski Brewing Company

Pravesh has over 22 years of experience in Hospitality Management, Business Development, Financial Management, Operational Excellence, Brand Management, Marketing & Strategising. His strong belief in developing people and helping them transform themselves to attain personal and professional goals led him to launch Releski which is a skill-based tech company focused on recruitment, e-learning and skills development.

He was an early advocate of identifying the need for upskilling India’s blue-collared workforce and his mission is to transform the skills landscape in the Indian hospitality industry for a blue-collared workforce and increase employability in India by up-skilling vocational training courses via free e-learning platform with Releski. In April 2020, he and his team created the App-based course for hospitality businesses – “COVID-free Restaurants” – which was then endorsed by National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI). Releski has helped popular brands like Toit, Red Rhino, Bob’s Bar, Aurum, etc. in implementing the “COVID-free Restaurants” course in their outlets.

Pravesh is a visionary and an ideator which, aided by his vast experience in senior leadership roles, has resulted in him leading the way to innovating new brands and brand experiences. He also takes active interest in coaching and counselling future leaders in the hospitality industry and has mentored many young professionals.

Pravesh also incorporated Bissi Bissi Oota in October 2020 to cater to the food needs of what Dr. CK Prahalad called ‘bottom of the pyramid’. The mission is to bring ‘pure’ , ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’ food to people who may otherwise not have access to such food. Hence the mission: “Shuddha’, ‘Aarogya’ and “taaza’.

Pravesh has contributed keenly to projects and activities surrounding social development. He is an active member of NRAI and has influenced thousands of hospitality employees through various CRS activities. He spearheaded the “Cleanathon Project” in Bengaluru wherein more than 3000 hospitality employees came together to clean Bengaluru’s streets of plastic and debris. He’s well known for his ability to influence and mass mobilize people to drive a campaign.

Pravesh is renowned for his oration skills and has been a speaker at TEDx CMRIT Bengaluru, Indian Restaurant Congress, Franchise India, The Pub Convention, POSIST Solutions, Eagle Owl Restaurer Senate, Christ University Bengaluru, People’s Education Society (PES) University. He also spearheaded and represented HRC in various global conferences in London, Bangkok, etc.