Nicolas Grossemy

Paris Panini

Meet Nicolas Grossemy, the Culinary Visionary Behind Paris Panini. After years of experience in restaurants in France, Nicolas moved to India in 2014. What began as a food truck named “Le Casse-Croute” evolved into a thriving culinary venture in the heart of Bangalore. Nicolas, missing the taste of French street food, embarked on a journey of experimentation with local ingredients. His dream? To bring fresh, quality, and affordable French cuisine to Bangalore. In November 2019, Paris Panini opened in Indiranagar, Bangalore, offering a Parisian cafe experience with gourmet panini, French fries, coffee, and crepes .Paris Panini is more than just a dining experience; it’s a cozy yet chic haven. Nicolas Grossemy’s passion for food and connecting with people has been the driving force behind this culinary success story. He believes in the power of interaction, the exchange of ideas, and the joy of seeing smiles after a satisfying meal.