Celebrity Chef, Consultant, MasterChef Tamil Judge & Founder, Eatitude

Chef Koushik a Celebrity Chef & Founder of Eatitude ( He graduated from IHM Bengaluru and has played a significant role in establishing various startup chains in the Food & Beverage Retail sector in the country. With a successful career in hospitality, particularly in chain operations, he founded Eatitude, a one-stop company aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry despite their initial hesitations due to a lack of knowledge. Koushik’s culinary journey began at the tender age of 5, inspired by Asterix and Obelix. He bravely ventured into the kitchen, climbed atop a bucket, and crafted his first creation, a “Cheese Fondue.” Many of his creations continue to be top-selling items on chain establishment menus. With a substantial fan following, Chef Koushik is currently engaged in projects across major cities in India and the USA.